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Extractions & Root Planing



A tooth extraction is the removal of a whole tooth from its socket in the bone. The area will be numbed to make the experience as comfortable as possible.  An extraction can either be simple or surgical, depending on the level of difficulty.

Causes of extractions include:

  • extensive decay or damage to a tooth that is non-repairable
  • a primary tooth (baby tooth) that is blocking a permanent tooth from erupting
  • an impacted tooth (usually wisdom teeth)
  • advanced periodontal disease has caused the tooth to become loose
  • a wisdom tooth that has decay and is difficult for you to keep clean
  • cracked tooth

Sometimes extractions will need to be done by an oral surgeon.

Common reasons you may need to be referred include:

  • extreme anxiety (the oral surgeon can sedate you)
  • a complex medical history
  • an extraction that could cause complications
  • some impacted teeth